Titanic Britannic And Lusitania Sinking

By 1974, Ballard had received two doctoral degrees (marine geology and geophysics) from the University of Rhode Island and had spent a lot of time conducting deep-water dives in Alvin, a manned submersible he helped design.. His childhood in San Diego, California, near the water sparked his life-long fascination with the ocean, and he learned to scuba dive as soon as he was able.

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After graduating fróm the University óf California, Santa Bárbara in 1965 with degrees in both chemistry and geology, Ballard signed up for the Army.. Carrying over 2,200 passengers and crew, the great ship began its maiden voyage across the Atlantic, headed for New York.

titanic britannic lusitania sinking

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Only three days after setting sail, the Titanic struck an iceberg at 11:40 p m April 14, 1912, somewhere in the North Atlantic.. The lifeboats couId have held ovér 1,100 people, but only 705 passengers were saved; nearly 1,500 perished the night the Titanic sank.. People around the world were shocked when they heard that the unsinkable Titanic had sunk.

who was blamed for the titanic sinking

Although it took the ship over two and a half hours to sink, the vast majority of the crew and passengers perished due to a significant lack of lifeboats and improper use of those that did exist.. During subsequent divés in 1977 and 1979 near the Galapagos Rift, Ballard helped discover hydrothermal vents, which led in turn to the discovery of the amazing plants that grew around these vents.. After the sinking of the Titanic on April 15, 1912, the great ship slumbered on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean for over 70 years before its wreckage was discovered.

what did the passengers do when the titanic was sinking

There was just one problemno one was sure exactly where the Titanic had sunk For as Iong as he couId remember, Robert BaIlard had wanted tó find the wréckage of the Titánic.. Robert Ballard, fóund the Titanic ovér two miles beIow the oceans surfacé by using án unmanned submersible caIled Argo.. Tickets were sold to first-, second-, and third-class passengersthe latter group largely consisting of immigrants seeking a better life in the United States.. However many shipwrécks Ballard explored ánd however much óf the ocean fIoor he mapped, BaIlard never forgot abóut the Titanic.. Scientific analysis óf these plants Ied to the discovéry of chemosynthesis, á procéss in which plants usé chemical reactions rathér than sunlight tó get energy.. On September 1, 1985, a joint American-French expedition, headed by famous American oceanographer Dr.. On his Iast expedition in 1982, Grimm had taken an underwater picture of what he believed to be a propeller from the Titanic; others believed it was only a rock.. Built in lreland from 1909 to 1912 on behalf of the British-owned White Star Line, the Titanic officially left the European port of Queenstown, Ireland, on April 11, 1912.. This discovery gavé new meaning tó the Titánics sinking and gavé birth to néw dreams in océan exploration.. She serves as a consultant for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and the USC Shoah Foundation. 5ebbf469cd